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An Almost-Meeting [02 Jan 2006|10:46pm]

{{OOC: Sorry this took so long, I've been feeling kinda uncreative. But no longer! <3 }}

Juri stalked down the sunlit, country-esque road. She'd never quite understood some of the academy's decor choices, but there were positives to attending Ohtori that far autweighed any aesthetic... mishaps. Speaking of aesthetic mishaps, that's the Tenjou girl coming this way, isn't it?

Shoulders squared, Juri continued on her way without giving the underclass-girl a second glance. Tenjou might be a hassle, but with Saionji safely in Juri's pocket the game might still belong to her... as if it would even be in her favor to win. In fact, she wasn't even sure why she still duelled: it wasn't as if she cared for the bride, nor needed to prove her fighting ability.

The violet-haired girl walked steadily toward Wakaba's dorm; the beautiful panther glided in her shadow.
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Basketball, Boys and Fangirls... oh my! [09 Dec 2005|05:23pm]

The basketball beat a steady rhythm as Utena tore down the court, weaving her way through the boys who tried to stop her. Dribbling the ball behind her back, she managed to stave off a feeble attempt at a steal and slam-dunked the ball into the net. She held onto the rim of the basket for a second before allowing herself to land gracefully on the ground.

Loud cheers erupted from the mob of girls who had gathered to watch her play. Sweating and exhilarated, Utena soon found herself surrounded by giggling, admiring females.

"Utena-sama! It's my turn today!"

"Right, right..." Utena laughed good-humoredly and accepted the towel one girl thrust eagerly into her arms.

Turning down yet another recruitment effort, Utena slipped her jacket on over the black tank top she always wore and strode confidently towards the academy.
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New High Score [09 Dec 2005|12:04pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

A predatory smile slipped across Chigusa's lips as the game proudly trumpeted that a new high score had been achieved. All she had to do was enter her intitials then view the names below her own. Of course, she'd now have to look for 3rd place since the poor darling who was first got defeated, knocking everybody down a notch.



Her eyes scanned over the initials that twinkled in their electronic glory on the screen. K.T. was directly below her. And below that was A.J. which told her nothing except that her femme fatale with the copper lockes had a name that somehow matched those letters. She glanced behind her to see the two boys still watching her. The taller one looked away quickly but the other one stood in definace, his black curls and violet eyes meeting her own cherry colored ones with no sign of fear.

"You there. Boy. Come closer." She crooked her right pointer finger suggestively as if the very gesture would tug at the boy, bringing him closer.

And it did.

"What's you name?"

For all his bravery in facing her, he stumbled over the first syllable of his name 3 times before she cut him off.

"Forget it. It's unimportant. Who plays this pinball game regularly enough to win the top ranks? Quickly."

He blinked and swallowed hard. "Kiryuu Touga, student council president and Arisugawa Juri, student council treasurer." He bowed his head slightly.

"Arisugawa. Juri."

The name clung Chigusa's tongue like thick golden honey, sweet enough to enjoy for hours. Arisugawa. Arisugawa. Arisugawa. Juri... The name echoed in her mind, a mantra.

"One last thing."

The boy jumped slightly at the harshness her voice created in the quiet of the arcade.

"Where might I find Ms. Arisugawa?"

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Games of Cat and Mouse are only fun when one is the Cat (and the Mouse is willing to play.) [09 Dec 2005|02:19am]

[ mood | Gemini will never be patient ]

A look of frustrated exhaustion flitted across the visage of the casually dressed seitokaichou as the door impassively responded to him, resisting his charm and coldly refusing to fall open before him. It would of course be Tenjou's dorm which would so rudely ignore him; did buildings too come to take on the natures of their inhabitants?

He wore a forced air of ease, thin and easy as the semi-ethereal veil of a bride, around his form. The tensions rippled soft as breaths, as tenuously attached beneath his skin. Catlike, the frown for a moment wrinkled his nose before he could once more regain (mostly) affected passivity. Kiryuu Touga withdrew his hand from the doorjamb, fingers curling in a deep impatience.

"It would appear that the Rose Bride and Tenjou Utena are not in at the moment.."

He had no idea why such a minor snag had so thrown off the exquisite control which he had deluded himself into believing he had regained of the academy. The hand, uncurled but heavy still, fell down upon the younger boy's shoulder as Touga's blue eyes rose to study the vacated dorm building.

"Or else they have gone to bed.."

Even without the undercurrent of innuendo ever-present in the president's voice, it should have been clear to any involved in the duels that the Rose Bride never went to bed alone.

And for some reason, this morning, it bothered him as much as it probably would the Council Secretary.

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Playing the Players [08 Dec 2005|08:43pm]

"Excuse me?" Juri folded her slender arms across her chest and peered down into a pair of honest eyes. "You're making no sense," she asserts. "Tell me again what you saw."
The underclassgirl nodded several times, looking back and forth. "I saw him. I swear. I..." she began wringing her hands, "um...hewentintoWakabasdormandhedidntcomeoutIthoughthewasexpelled."
"I see." Juri's surprise was hinted at by her slightly-elevated eyebrows, and the lessening of her scowl. Now this was some interesting news. If only she knew who this 'Wakaba' person was. "Show me. Show me where you saw Saionji, and where you saw him go inside."
The green-eyed girl (whom, Juri couldn't help but notice, had a similar color of hair to the despicable Rose Bride creature, if a tad darker,) nodded nervously and began to lead. Pushing her curls back, the Student Councilwoman followed, glancing into the arcade as they passed by on the way towards the dorms. Curiously, there was someone with striking ice-blue tresses who was bent over the pinball machine... but new students arrived at Ohtori almost every day. It was nothing to worry about. Pushing all other thoughts aside, she pinned her eyes on the road ahead and kept walking.
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Pinball Princess [08 Dec 2005|02:07pm]

[ mood | curious ]

In the corner of Hou-oh arcade there was a small table cloaked in a permanent shadow that no amount of false light could touch. Chigusa Sanjouin sat at that dark table, watching the fire-haired maiden play numerous games of pinball. Are you the one? The one people talk about? she wondered as she strained her crimson eyes to see the initials being entered into the machine's cheerful 2nd Place screen. Who are you, love?

The pinball player stalked out the door of the arcade towards campus with an empty smile playing across her lips. Chigusa held her breath and slowly unfolded her lithe form to stand at her full height. She ran slender fingers through her waterfall of cerulean hair as she stepped into the light, catching the attention of 2 younger boys. She winked at them, added a sway to her walk, and glided towards the pinball machine. The screen was empty...in order to discover those precious intitials she would have to beat the 2nd place score. She pulled out a handfull of change before dropping 2 quarters into the eagerly awaiting slot.

The pinball machine sprung to life in a wash of colors, lights, and music. Chigusa's eye widened slightly before her fingers curled around the lever to release the first silver ball into the mayhem that awaited.

This could be fun...

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Just another day... [14 Nov 2005|10:48pm]

It didn't matter if the seitoukai was engulfed in chaos or if they were in peace, the normal students at Ohtori Gakuen went on as if it were an ordinary day. The days for Shinohara Wakaba were just as boring. No, that wasn't right. That wasn't right at all! For Wakaba had been blessed by an all-knowing being above with the chance to become special. For some time now, Kyouichi Saionji, the peron she had admired for so long, was taking residence in her room. No one knew this, of course. It was a secret that she and Saionji shared. I'm almost special!

"See you later, Naomi!" The onion princess waved quickly to a dark haired girl as she made her way down the pavement, heading to her dorm building. A soft smile had formed on her pale pink lips and there was an added bouce to the cheerful girl's step. It was a definite change from how she normally was, even though it was slight. There was a certain...undefinable quality about her that made her radiant. She swung the thin, white platic bag back and forth. Inside were the contents needed for dinner that night. Dinner for two.

The door to the dorm building was pushed open once she arrived and into the building she went, greeting the girls as they passed by, but not taking the time to stop and talk. She didn't have any time to spare! Her free hand reached into the pocket of the teal colored uniform skirt and pulled out the key to her room. Click. With a turn of the knob, the door pushed open and she moved into the room quickly, shutting it behind her as she normally did and flicking the lock shut. Brown eyes slowly turned from the door and moved around the room, searching for that familiar silhouette sitting near the window.
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And so it begins. [16 Oct 2005|07:02pm]

[ mood | cheery ]

The Hou-oh arcade is relatively quiet. Students mill about, chatting and giggling in cheery tones, but there is no joy in front of a certain pinball machine. The young woman manipulating the flippers had never been incredibly talented at pinball, but she was getting very, very sick of putting her initials in the second-place slot.

A is selected, and then J. Upon recieving a sadistically bubbly 'beep' of assent, Juri lets out a sigh and pushes away from the controls. Stupid machine doesn't deserve her patronage, plus, she has better things to do.

She develops a wry smile that doesn't touch her eyes, and stalks back up the hill to campus. Sure, the girl looks harmless, but woe be to anyone who gets in her way this evening... or to anyone who even gets near her.

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Disillusion Deluge [22 Aug 2005|01:19pm]

Mamiya had been there the whole time, watching quietly, obediently wrapped in his victor's favorite shadows. He contemplated the way that Mikage stroked the rose, reflecting that it might have been the way Mikage would have touched him...outside of a few natural issues physical touch might present. Several interesting issues, indeed.

Finally emerging from the corner at the call of his name, Mamiya walked very slowly up to the tank and looked down into it, admiring the blue glow of the water onto the blue petals of the rose. This was a fine specimen indeed. It had been hand picked by the rose bride. One of them, at least.

"Hai, sempai," he replied quietly, in that elusive whisper that passed for a voice.

It would be ready, soon.

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Kaoru 007 [16 Jun 2005|05:11pm]

Kozue followed her brother and the student council president at a discreet distance. She needed to know where Touga was taking Miki. Just a peek, that's all she wanted. They sure were talking a lot. Kozue would have given anything to know what they were saying. It irked her to think of how much of Miki's life she wasn't a part of anymore. She and Touga.. well, that was her own business. But this thing with Miki and Touga; there was more there than mere student council ramblings. Touga never just stopped by for a little chat. There was something he wanted, and Kozue needed to know what that something was.

They stopped outside a dorm that Kozue didn't remember ever going into. She didn't know that anyone lived there anymore. Hadn't it been empty? She found a little niche to squeeze into as Touga knocked on the door. She would just see who it was.. that's all.. then she would go. It's not like it really mattered to her who Miki spent his time with, as long as he wasn't put in danger..

Or as long as you remain the light of his life, you selfish girl.

Kozue mentally clamped down the voice in her head. It wasn't her fault that every girl that had shown an interest in Miki had been unworthy. She merely took care of them before they became a problem. It was for Miki. It was all for Miki.

Yeah right.

She gritted her teeth in an effort to ignore her own conscience and waited for someone - anyone - to answer the door.
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I'll get you, my pretty. And your little monkey too. [29 May 2005|01:07am]

[ mood | defensive ]

Nanami was furious. Not only did Utena come here carrying one of her Onii-sama's most private possessions, she had the nerve to bring that girl into this mess!

"I'll have you know that my Onii-sama has no interest in you or that Himemiya girl whatsoever," she huffed as Utena turned her back to leave. "He was obviously doing the gentlemanly thing and lending her his jacket. That's all!!"

She didn't wait for the girl to respond as she slammed the door shut.
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Encounter With a Fruitcake [10 May 2005|05:35pm]

If looks could kill, then Utena would be dead by now... impaled by the glare of hostility on Nanami's face.

"This isn't what you think... we just happened to run into your brother and since it was cold out, he lent Himemiya his jacket. That's all. Besides that, he's the one who keeps trying to get close to me!"

Utena attributed Nanami's intense dislike of her to the fact that the Seitokaichou seemed to be intensely interested in her despite her obvious disinterest in him.

"Look, I only came to return Seitokaichou's jacket. So now that it's in your hands, I'll be going."

Utena knew that Nanami would be delighted to see her go so she turned her back on the still-glaring girl and headed back the way she came, hoping fervently that her explanation was satisfactory enough.
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IC: Fire and Ice. [10 May 2005|06:12pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

An empty sigh came forth Juri's lips as Sanjouin Chigusa left the Fencing Hall. It wasn't always that a lady ever had the cheek to approach the fencing captain the way that she did. But Arisugawa Juri never really appreciated attention that she didn't want; leastways, not from this girl.

Ironically, the one person whom she wanted to be as close with seemed not to welcome the idea. And the despair of being accepted grew more in her heart choked with shards of Antarctic ice, with even less hope of being thawed.

(Read more or 'Fire and Ice.')

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~I want to put black rings on your fingers~ [09 May 2005|09:45pm]

Butterflies on the wall...chairs in the hall... He was taking the elevator down.

He stroked over the box. The dark rose seal on the front traced by a finger. The darkness of the hall basement was a relief from the computer screen glare; though the bright light was always a comfort, never pain. It spoke more than the eyes of people, which he barely noticed when the world was seen through tinted glasses, though he didn’t wear those anymore...

His touch over the seal might have been sensual if someone else had performed the action. To he, it was like another click of a computer mouse, or the keyboard, a check made on another list. Who was ready? Who was ready? His mind clicked through files of names. He could see them flash into place in his mind’s eye before the next one came up. Pieces weren’t in place. He wanted to play the chess board and his pawns were not in position to capture the bishops, and knights, and kings, and queens. An idea formed and he knew which one to move first. He stalked down a darkened hallway. The glow of glass, the strange hue of water and lights in a dark room; the bloom inside was not ready yet, but its color was clear.

And she had to die. She had to die. He leaned on the edge of the glass. His hand almost reached forward, though he could not pluck the flower yet, but he touched the petals soft like a child’s skin. Soon this one would be ready. The rose was blue, but soon the edges would turn his favorite color.


Scarlet eyes darted to the left. He needed his bride.
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IC: Playing With fire [28 Mar 2005|06:53pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

Juri's gentle grasp held Chigusa from behind and filled her with sweet anticipation. Chigusa's breath caught in the back of her throat as the softness of the other woman's lips met her ear and a smooth voice cut into the silent air. "You will see me again, that you can be sure of." Juri's voice lowered considerably upon speaking. "As for now, you're free from my grasp... Sanjouin Chigusa. But we will, as you proposed pick up from where we left off."

Chigusa stepped forward as Juri applied a bit of pressure to push her away gently, like a teasing lover in a garden tryst. Chigusa closed her crimson eyes and breathed in the heady scent that swirled around the air between the two women. A warmth filled her entire being as she ran her tongue across her lips like a satisfied feline over a dish of fresh cream.

Upon hearing Juri's retreating footsteps Chigusa turned to watch the other walk away through the slowly darkening room. The setting sun caught in Juri's soft hair, creating a blaze of fire that would compliment the cool icy wisps of her own hair if they had the opportunity to mingle across silken sheets. Chigusa's hand reached up to toy with the locks that Juri had breifly held before calling out to the solitary figure "I look forward to it, Miss Arisugawa. It's most entertaining when fire and ice come out to play in the moonlight." With a low bow she too made her exit from the fencing hall.

Out in the cooling air she placed a hand over her heart and allowed herself a small smile. Who is the siren and who is the sailor? She leaned against the building and sighed with satisfaction. Perhaps a better question would be: does it matter? After a moment she gathered her thoughts, pushed herself away from the wall, and began to move towards the dormatory at a slow, leaisurely pace. She felt quite satisfied with the unfolding events, even if they left her heart skipping and her mind wandering.

((OOC: Sorry it's so short juri_senpai! I'm on vacation and don't have a lot of time to type at the moment. *bows*))

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Froggy went a courtin' and he did ride; sword and pistol by his side. [25 Mar 2005|03:32pm]

Touga chuckled. "Very well, Miki. Shall we?" Do we dare?

He confidently strode towards the door of the dorm, hoping that neither Himemiya nor Utena would do anything to pierce the carefully crafted illusion he had painted for the blue haired boy on their walk here. He briefly considered allowing himself in with the keys granted to him by the rijichou. His hand moved over the busy keyring in his pocket. No... why not be quaint and ring the bell?

His eyes darted with a serpentine smile to his haired friend shifting uncomfortably. Were he simpler, he might wonder what had come over the boy. His finger pressed the doorbell sealing both their fates with a merry tone.
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"WHO did you say looked nice?" [25 Mar 2005|04:56pm]


Miki swallowed deeply as Touga spoke about his sister. Why did she have to come up in all of his thoughts? He thought that, at least in Touga's presence, he could at least have other things in mind...like duels, or End of the World..but not his twin! Stopwatch not in mind, the blue-haired boy sent a tiny glance in the direction of their dorm. He felt the "big brother" complex pour over him...

"Ne, Touga-senpai, have you ever wondered what would happen if someone were to court your sister?" Miki was curious. Was Touga as protective of Nanami as he was to Kozue? Maybe not, but stranger things have happened..he clenched his fist at that thought. Did the seitokaichou have an reguard for ANYONE (besinds Tenjou-senpai..)? Oh, wait, now that Miki thought about it, Nanami was perfectly capable of protecting herself...or, rather, she had the resources to do so.
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IC: Prelude to the Hunt. [25 Mar 2005|12:38am]
[ mood | Scheming. ]

A smile played upon Juri's lips as she watched Chigusa approach her; a smile that melted into a questioning stare as soon as she found herself uncomfortably close with the girl, who stood rooted right in front of her, mere inches away from her own face. She had expected this elegant young lady to cross swords with her, yes, but what did she get herself into, this time?

( Read more of 'Prelude to the Hunt'. )

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IC: Ribbons Undone [22 Mar 2005|07:31pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Chigusa quirked her elegant eyebrow at the golden goddess before her. So...she knows my name, does she? Interesting...this makes the game so much more fun to play. For, if she knows of me then there is no real need to challenge her mind. But perhaps...her heart?

She took several steps towards the waiting woman and stopped when she was less than a kiss away. Moments passed as Chigusa did nothing but breath in the scent of her would-be opponent. From here, the other's beauty shown even brighter then before. Where most would look awkward and distorted from such close proximity, Juri's pale beauty exploded in a wash of colors. Copper curls picked up bits of orange, red, and yellow from the afternoon sun. Green eyes, like the lush jungle floor, sparkled with...anger? Anticipation? Confusion? Her lips were finely shaped and the proper shade of rose, looking soft and inviting. But it was the delicate flush of pink that drew Chigusa's hand from her side and caused it to caress the softness of Juri's face.

"Miss Arisugawa, did I say I came here to challenge you?" she purred with a twinkle in her eyes, like twin rubies reflecting the sun. "I believe, I asked you to tango."

Chigusa stepped away from Juri with a smirk and a mock bow.

She's really quite fetching...I can understand the desire to be close to her. Is she worth the seduction? Male or female matters not...after all, it's all about what I can gain or lose in the bedding of an individual. This one could gain me so much. But what could she cost me?

She ran her long delicate fingers over her own plump lips, as if remembering a sweet lover's kiss from long ago. A smile slowly spread beneath her soft touch as she made her decision.

"Miss Arisugawa, please forgive the intrusion but I have just remembered a previous engagement." She reached out and fingered the soft curls that fell about Juri's shoulders. "Perhaps I will see you later? Whenever is convenient for you, of course. We could pick up..." Chigusa's hand ran down the length of the other woman's lean arm until she grasped the fine bones of a strong hand within her own, "where we left off."

With a gentle kiss to the palm, Chigusa turned and started to walk away slowly, waiting for the duelist's response.

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[19 Mar 2005|01:26pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

"If the chick does not break it's shell, the egg will never be hatched!! No, no... that's not it..."

She slouched and huffed in frustration. Nanami tried to remember the words her Onii-sama spoke as the council ascended the elevator, but to no avail. She had spent hours getting ready for the day that was to come, primming and practicing in front of her full-length mirror. As her first day as acting Student Council president, she not only had to look good, she had to know what she was talking about. It was no small task conversing with the likes of Arisugawa-senpai and Kaoru-san. Nanami straightened her posture once more, convinced she had finally remembered the words.

"If the chick does not break it's egg, it will hatch without being in it's shell!!"

Yes, that's it!! She thought to herself, They'll think I'm a total natural...just wait until Onii-sama hears how well I am presiding in his absence!

Nanami smirked at her reflection, and tousled her flaxen tresses once more before heading downstairs.

Mitsuru should be here any moment now..., she thought as she glided down the master staircase, her steps as practiced and graceful as a swan's. The doorbell rang as she reached her final descent. Nanami stepped towards the door, caring not for the formalities of letting the help greet her servant. As she swung the door open, a look of surprise and disgust washed over her face.

Utena Tenjou. What could she possibly want. Hasn't she caused enough grief in our lives?! Her thoughts raced as she stared down the pink-haired intruder, not sure how she should react.

She then remembered what position she held. As the one engaged to the Rose Bride, Utena must remain on the council's side first and foremost.

You must keep your composure, Nanami-san. No matter how you may dislike her, we must have her as an ally.

And she just might have, were it not for her brother's jacket dangling behind Utena's shoulder.

"What's this?? What on earth are you doing with my Onii-sama's jacket?!" Nanami screamed at the girl as she yanked the coat out of her hands, disgusted by this horrid intrusion.

"How many times do I have to tell you to STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!!! WILL YOU PESTS NEVER LISTEN!!" She could feel her cheeks flushing crimson, and her forehead felt as if it were about to burst into flames.

"Well?! What do you have to say for yourself?! What is the meaning of this!!!"

Nanami resisted the urge to strangle her right there, lest she spill blood on her freshly pressed uniform.

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